14 / 10 / 2013
14 / 10 / 2013

WANTED: 462.5 million empties REWARD: $28 million… and a healthier environment


Québec, October 14, 2013 – The latest Most Wanted list has been released! Topping the list: 462.5 million empties. The reward: a helping hand for the planet and $28 million, which is the value of refundable empties that go unclaimed every year. Enough to help every one of the 8,000 organizations and 16,000 foundations in Québec do their good deeds. Something to encourage people and companies to return their empties. A way to relieve the environment while making a positive difference for the community. 

“The deposit return social movement is clearly set to gain momentum. Already, over a hundred organizations and numerous companies and municipalities across Québec have answered Consignéco’s call to put the social potential of empty containers to good use by supporting a worthwhile cause or organization. A growing number of people have adopted this practice at the workplace and we hope to build on their success,” noted Consignéco spokeswoman Pascale Demers.

To further boost the movement and salute the difference-makers, Consignéco has developed an interactive geo-locator map to find organizations in the movement that are ready to take your valuable empties. Support groups opting for deposit-return can download a collection kit from www.consigneco.org. This financing tool can help them better structure their charitable campaigns. Consignéco also showcases current campaigns and the ever increasing success stories from Québec companies.

“Does your organization use deposit-return as a financing tool? Make yourselves visible on our interactive map and tell us about your achievements! Does your employer convert empties into money for a good cause? Consignéco wants to hear about it and recognize you: bask in the spotlight! Does your company have a sustainable development plan that could use new ideas to improve your performance? Then the deposit return social movement is for you!” added Ms. Demers. She invites interested parties to write toinfo@consigneco.org or submit their initiatives on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Consigneco.

Note that deposit return is an amount that is fully reimbursed when the empty container is returned. It therefore costs nothing to environmentally-responsible consumers who return their empties.

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