19 / 12 / 2016
19 / 12 / 2016



Montreal, December 19, 2016 – Wishing to end the year with a bang, the mischievous elves have scattered 460 million unreturned refundable containers all over the province just days before Christmas. Hidden under park benches, buried in snow or stuffed beneath the seats at the local arena, the containers are worth their weight in gold: some 28 million dollars! That’s quite the Christmas wish for the 8000 organizations and 16,000 foundations that depend on refundable containers for income. It is a good deed that can be repeated 365 days a year!


The elves are obviously enticing us to join in on a real treasure hunt! Just days before Christmas, what can be better than to search for “green” cans to give back to your community! Ready, set… collect!


“Environmentally, deposit-return is one of the most beneficial options because 100% of the material collected is recycled. It is also a great source of financing for all kinds of community projects. Clearly, the true value of our refundable containers can make a difference and transform our communities,” said Consignéco spokeswoman Pascale Demers.


A Léger survey confirms that 8% of Quebec non-profit organizations use the proceeds from refundable containers for financing. In fact, it is a matter of life and death for nearly a quarter (21%) of those. 86% of the organizations surveyed indicated that the deposit should be increased to provide even better benefits for the environment.



Established in 2011, Consignéco is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the economic, ecological and social value of deposit-return in order to encourage people to return their redeemable beer containers to retailers. Born out of an agreement between Quebec’s brewers and RECYC-QUÉBEC, this association brings together members of Quebec’s brewing industry, including Labatt Breweries of Canada, Molson Coors Canada, the Coalition of Quebec Beer Distributors, Sleeman Unibroue, and the Quebec Microbrewery Association. True pioneers of the deposit-return system, the brewers are proud to have created this system over 200 year ago. To learn more about the value of deposit-return or to join the social movement, visit www.consigneco.org. Your empties are valuable: redeem them!

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Pascale Demers

Communications Director


Tel.: 514 953-5551

Alexandre Boucher

NATIONAL Public Relations

Tel.: 418 648-1233, ext. 1235

Email: aboucher@national.ca

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