Tools to help sort
refundable beverage containers

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All beer containers are refundable in Quebec, as well as ready-to-drink malt-based cocktails.

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Sorting guide for refundable beverage containers

Download the sorting guide


Bottles must be sorted by:


  • 330 ML
  • 341 ML
  • 500 ML
  • 625 ML
  • 1.18 L




Who to return to?

Whoever delivers you the full bottles or their authorized recuperator is responsible for taking back the empty bottles.
These sheets, which can be placed above the pallets, contain the procedure for each distributor.

Download the list of brewers authorized to take back 341 ml brown bottles.


Depending on the quantity of bottles, you have to mount them on a pallet. It is important that a pallet be well mounted so that it is stable and the cases do not fall.

Did you know?

  • A washable bottle can be used up to 15 times.
  • A recyclable bottle is crushed and recycled. To recognize a recyclable container, look for “ Consignée Québec Refund ” written with the amount of the refund on it.