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22 / 04 / 2015



Montreal, April 21, 2015 – Known for its leadership and “green” initiatives, the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal (CCEM) has joined the Refund for Causes social movement to show that “sustainable development” and “philanthropy” can be an ideal match. The organization will play matchmaker by urging its members to join forces to help the environment and make a difference in their community. Clearly, the CCEM is poised to become the matchmaker of choice for happy marriages by driving an initiative that is winning over more businesses, organizations and municipalities every day!  

The idea is simple: businesses gather refundable containers from their own premises in support of a cherished cause, while simultaneously improving their environmental performance. Meanwhile, the receiving organizations benefit from the return on deposit to give life to their projects and support their causes. As an added bonus, Consignéco offers a wealth of practical advice to accompany “future couples” along with a technological matchmaking platform that helps geolocate potential partners and foster lasting and prosperous unions. In addition, the CCEM will work hard to motivate its members to swell the ranks of this most inspiring movement.  

“There are tremendous opportunities for partnerships between businesses and organizations in Quebec where some 460 million refundable cans, worth $25 million, are not returned every year. Our studies show that most of these containers are “lost” in industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) settings. For Consignéco, this shows the great importance of joining forces with leaders like the CCEM to encourage businesses to take part in Refund for Causes by donating ‘their empties’ to a good cause,” said Consignéco spokeswoman Pascale Demers.  

“The Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal promotes social responsibility within the business community through a variety of activities and initiatives. Though its mission is basically economic, the CCEM wishes to gradually instill new attitudes that encourage East End companies to give back to the community by emphasizing values of commitment and involvement,” noted CCEM CEO Isabelle Foisy.  

The CCEM has already celebrated an initial union likely to give rise to offspring: a partnership between the 5600 Hochelaga Street real estate complex that houses the CCEM, and the Programme d’information sur le travail et la recherche d’emploi de Montréal (PITREM), a community organization for the social, professional and economic insertion of 35-year-olds and under. The Chamber has unveiled an entertaining video on this promising “marriage made in heaven”.

Le 5600 Hochelaga is a 700,000 sq. ft. real estate complex with over a hundred tenants managing companies working in various fields: storage, brewing, decoration, woodwork, bingo, sports and recreational centres, business offices and many others. Le 5600 Hochelaga is a shining example of our high level of availability. We offer unparalleled service, because our home is your home, and that is our priority!
Le 5600 Hochelaga is very much involved in Montreal’s East End business community. Le 5600 Hochelaga has a lofty and moral obligation to reinject a share of its success into the social fabric through non-profit organizations, and by means of social economy and reinsertion,” said 5600 Hochelaga manager Jacques Dupras.

“Consignéco’s and PITREM’s values align perfectly. It will benefit the latter via the sums of money to be used to pay internships for hundreds of young Montrealers seeking a positive work experience that will without doubt have a positive impact on their lives,” added PITREM CEO Danielle Lacombe.  

In the Montreal region alone, there are an estimated 114 million unreturned refundable empties, a waste of about $6.8 million. Yet there are over 1,200 community groups and foundations that could certainly appreciate extra funding to support their causes and give life to exciting initiatives. In this light, Refund for Causes provides an attractive fulcrum for charitable associations and organizations that need every ounce of their nerve and creative instincts to ensure their longevity, just like any company requiring constant innovation to reduce their environmental footprint.


The mission of the Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal (CCEM) is to serve and protect the economic and social interests of the 32,000 on-site businesses. With about 1,200 members, the Chambre is the most important association for businesspeople in the city’s East End. It exerts its leadership to arouse the active participation of its milieu’s socioeconomic stakeholders. The Chambre de commerce de l’Est de Montréal covers a vast territory from Saint-Laurent Boulevard to the eastern tip of the Island, between the Rivière des Prairies and the St. Lawrence River.  


Founded in 2011, Consignéco is a non-profit association that promotes the economic, environmental and social value of refundable containers in order to encourage consumers to return their empty beer containers to retailers. Created following an agreement between the brewing industry and RECYC-QUÉBEC, this association brings together Quebec brewers including Labatt Breweries of Canada, Molson Coors Canada, Sleeman Unibroue, the Regroupement des distributeurs de bière du Québec and the Association des microbrasseries du Québec. For more information on the value of refundable containers or to join the Refund for Causes movement, visit www.consigneco.org. Your cans are worth more than you think: return them!

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