10 / 06 / 2016
10 / 06 / 2016

LOVE YOUR EMPTIES, LOVE YOUR PLANET A spectacular 100%-recycled observation tower being erected on The Main


Montreal, June 10, 2016 – A spectacular 8-metre tall observation tower made from 100% recycled material is being erected on Saint-Laurent Boulevard – corner of Marianne – in Montreal. The idea is to provide an outstanding view of the MURAL festival, which starts today and continues until June 19, and apply the bold talent and vision of internationally-renowned American artist DJ Neff of the CANLOVE collective. He will showcase the full economic, social and environmental potential of refundable containers.   

– Did you know that Quebecers do not return more than 460 million refundable containers each year? 
– Did you know that those empties, laid end to end, would circle the globe
– Did you know that these precious forsaken empties are worth their weight in gold: 25 million dollars?   

Luckily, some of these will be transformed into a castle gracing the storied Saint-Laurent Boulevard to the delight of its visitors!   

“With this original work of art, we want to show that loving your empties means loving your planet! The refundable container system is one of the practices most benefiting the environment as 100% of the material collected is recycled. It also provides financing for all sorts of community projects. Clearly, by appreciating the value of our empties, we can make a difference and transform our community,” said Consignéco spokesperson Pascale Demers.

Consignéco invites everyone to guess how many refundable containers were used to build the impressive three-storey tall tower. Simply share an original photograph relating to the MURAL event, the erection of the tower, or the refundable container system by using the #consignelove hash tag for a chance to win the refund value of the empties used to build the castle. An equal amount will be given to Les Valoristes, a coop helping people in need by managing a temporary refundable container depot centre.   

“More than 100,000 refundable containers have been collected thanks to the outstanding efforts of Les Valoristes. In addition to the construction of a magnificent tower, Consignéco wishes to applaud and encourage the Coopérative des Valoristes, add a spectacular touch to the event and give impetus to a solidarity movement,”
 added Ms. Demers. 

Established in 2011, Consignéco is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the economic, ecological and social value of deposit-return in order to encourage people to return their redeemable beer containers to retailers. Born out of an agreement between Quebec’s brewers and RECYC-QUÉBEC, this association brings together members of Quebec’s brewing industry, including Labatt Breweries of Canada, Molson Coors Canada, the Coalition of Quebec Beer Distributors, Sleeman Unibroue, and the Quebec Microbrewery Association. True pioneers of the deposit-return system, the brewers are proud to have created this system that is over 200 years old. To learn more about the value of deposit-return or to join the social movement, visit www.consigneco.org. Your empties are valuable: redeem them!  

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