Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

All the answers you need in a flash.

How do I know what is and isn’t refundable?

Easy! Simply click here. 

All beer containers are refundable in Quebec, as well as ready-to-drink malt-based cocktails.

Where should I return my empty refundable containers?

You can return them to a retailer near you. Remember to make a prior arrangement if you have many containers. You can also donate to an organization: find one by using our map and contact them to see if they’re interested.

Can you provide me with a bin for refundable containers?

Consigneco doesn’t provide bins, but anything decent sized will work. Think about how to clearly identify it with the help of this poster in our kit, which can be downloaded here:

Do you offer a container collection service?

We’re an advocacy organization and, unfortunately, do not offer this service. However, you can contact an organization to donate your containers through our interactive map. For more information, you can also contact us at

Can we refund bottles of wine?

Not at the moment, you can find every refundable containers here

I want to give my refundable containers to an organization.

It’s people like you who make such a huge difference! To take action, simply enter your postal code on our interactive map and search through our list of organizations to find the one nearest you.

Can we really make a difference by returning our empties?

A successful refundable container drive can earn up to $40 per hour. Not to mention that 8% of not-for-profits in Quebec use empty beverage containers as a fundraising source – a quarter (21%) of which even rely on empties to survive! For more inspiring stories, visit our News section or follow us on Facebook. 

I can’t find the downloadable kit!

No problem! Click here to download all kits for neighbourgood drives and organizations :