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Change the world, one container at the time.

Fund an organization

Collecting refundable containers can be a fast, simple way of collecting money and funding a cause near and dear to your heart. Think about it!

It’s easy
Up to $4,000 in a single day
$40 per hour
Image canette

With businesses on your side, you can collect even more

Recover refundable containers at your workplace to support a good cause. Simply set up easily identifiable collection points and establish an agreement with the organization of your choosing. This is an effective way to help the community and it’s good for the environment!

Who are you?

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Create your account by filling in the form below
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Get the word out and collect

This is the best way to raise funds.

Pick the right moment

Collect on evenings, on weekends and during statutory holidays, before the municipal collection.

Announce your drive

Distribute flyers to advertise your collection. Indicate the name of your organization, its cause and the date of your visit.

Download a template

Talk about it two weeks prior

It allows time for people to accumulate containers without accumulating clutter.

Work as a team

Recuperation, transportation and sorting… a motivated team is the key to success.

More helping hands means more containers.

A bigger team can cover more ground quicker.

Show your colours.

Be it a complete uniform or a simple armband, clear identification gives your more credibility and strengthens team spirit.

Stay motivated.

To keep spirits up, try to do everything the same day and involve the beneficiaries of the collection.

Organize your drive

Collecting refundable containers is only the first step.

Think about how to return your containers.

Before you begin collecting, arrange a game plan for returning the containers with your retailer in advance.

Who does what?

Recovered containers must be sorted and reported. Distribute tasks that you can try to do in the same day.

Sorting is an important step.

Separate materials by category before reporting them. Give out gloves and bags, and explain to your volunteers which containers are refundable.

The keys to a successful partnership

Two words: organization and communication.

Place your bins at strategic locations.

For example, place them near garbage cans or vending machines, indicating the types of refundable containers allowed.

Download the poster templates

Identify each person’s responsibility.

Determine the frequency, the day and the location of the collection in advance, as well as any other terms of your agreement.

Download the partnership agreement

Maintain your relationship

Remind people why they’re giving their containers by regularly informing them of the progress, achievements and events surrounding your cause.