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09 / 01 / 2019



Montreal, December 18, 2018 Now that the last chocolates in the Advent Calendar are a distant, but delicious memory, and a new year has begun, Consignéco is inviting all Quebecers to prolong this exciting tradition with none other than the After Calendar. Same idea, same satisfaction, but the difference is we switch the chocolate sweets for new ways to encourage the return of refundable containers 12 months of the year. It’s a great initiative for the environment and the community that pays off in more ways than one.


Did you know that 671 million refundable containers go unredeemed each year? That’s $39 million that could potentially help 8,000 organizations and 16,000 foundations recognized across Quebec. Even though the return rates are enviable, we can still do more to help the environment and give back 365 days a year!


“You’ve already signed up for the gym membership, you’ve been composting for a long time, and you made a promise to eat healthier, but you still might be looking for a more meaningful New Year’s resolution. If you believe that every gesture counts to protect the planet and you really want to make a difference in your community, be among the superheroes that make collecting refundable containers their daily mission,” says Pascale Demers, spokesperson for Consignéco.


We make redeeming empties easier than ever!

At a time when the environment occupies a prominent place in the news and doing good should be one of our main priorities, Consignéco is proud to introduce the After Calendar.

Unlike the aforementioned little chocolates in the Advent Calendar, redeeming empties won’t pack on the pounds and can be practiced without any moderation!


  1. January: Join 90% of Quebeckers who have made returns an everyday habit.


  1. February: Love is in the air! If you’re charmed by an inspirational cause or organization in your neighbourhood, it’s time to show some love. Why? Because 8% of non-profit organizations in Quebec use refundable containers as a source of funding, and for nearly a quarter of them (21%), it’s a matter of survival.


  1. March: Participate in one of the Refundable Container Drives organized by your local retailer. Last year, more than 109,000 empties were collected helping 20 causes across Quebec.


  1. April: This Earth Day, you can make a world of difference. When you know 100% of the materials in your empties can be recycled, it’s hard to deny.


  1. May: Suns out, windows are open and spring cleaning is on the agenda. Start by collecting the empty bottles and cans filled with magic memories of nights with friends watching the playoffs.


  1. June: Happy St-Jean! Whether you’re celebrating around a campfire, at the house or going to an event, make philanthropy and the protection of the environment a part of your national pride.


  1. July: After you’ve lugged the fridge up three flights of stairs, put a fresh coat of paint on the wall and taken your last bite of moving day pizza, make better use of your empties by placing them in a bag and hanging them from your mailbox with a note that says “to give away. This little treasure could make your neighbourhood “Valoriste” very happy.


  1. August: When everyone gets back from their summer vacation, why not set up a container in the office for returnable cans and bottles. It’s a unique way for you and your colleagues to start saving for the next office party.


  1. September: Going back to school? A well-organized refundable container drive can bring in up to $4000 in one day so why not motivate your classmates to bring in their empties from home. It could add up to a school trip at the end of the year!


  1. October: Candies are so… 2017. This Halloween why not relieve your neighbours of their neglected empties.


  1. November: Give a new twist to this year’s Movember challenge and turn your empties into a donation that will support the battle against prostate cancer.


  1. December: There’s so much to celebrate this holiday season, including the 15 lives of a reusable bottle and the 60 days it takes to process a can and get it back onto the shelves of your favorite retailer. Cheers!


Established in 2011, Consignéco is a non-profit organization whose mission is to promote the economic, ecological and social value of deposit-return in order to encourage people to return their redeemable beer containers to retailers. Born out of an agreement between Quebec’s brewers and RECYC-QUÉBEC, this association brings together members of Quebec’s brewing industry, including Labatt Breweries of Canada, Molson Coors Canada, the Coalition of Quebec Beer Distributors, Sleeman Unibroue, and the Quebec Microbrewery Association. True pioneers of the deposit-return system, the brewers are proud to have created this system over 200 year ago. To learn more about the value of deposit-return or to join the social movement, visit www.consigneco.org. Your empties are valuable: redeem them!

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