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Founded in 2011, Consigneco is a non-profit organization that promotes the economic, environmental and social value of refundable containers, in order to encourage consumers to return their empty beer containers back to retailers.

This association was created following an agreement between the brewing industry and RECYC-QUÉBEC. True pioneers of the deposit-return system, the brewers are proud to have created this system that is over 200 years old.

Refunding in numbers

With refunding, the material is sorted at the source and is 100% recycled.

About Recycling Refundable Cans and Bottles

An aluminum can be recycled infinitely and a bottle can be reused up to 15 times.

About Recycling Refundable Cans and Bottles

Refundable containers that go unreturned in Quebec in one year would circle the globe.

About Recycling Refundable Cans and Bottles

Success stories


Maison des Jeunes l’Olivier des Etchemins

Thanks to its partnership with companies from Eastern Beauce, La Maison des Jeunes has collected $81,000 since 2008 to help finance its project, including several humanitarian trips.

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Laurie-Anne and La Fondation de la Maison Michel-Sarrazin

In just four days, 13-year-old Laurie-Anne raised over $1,600 through refunding containers. In memory of her grandfather, she donated the funds to La maison de soins palliatifs Michel-Sarrazin.

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Les Valoristes

The organization Les Valoristes make life easier for those collecting refundable containers by providing a single point of deposit, helping them to bring everything in, while keeping Montreal cleaner.

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